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Pet Wellness

Veterinarian and young girl examine pet guinea pig.

 Wellness Exams – a recommended yearly exam that will include the following:

- weight will be taken of your pet

- develop a health profile for your pet

- thorough physical exam

- evaluation of all major organ systems

- discussion of any routine diagnostic testing that may benefit your pet

- update vaccinations that may be due

- questions regarding your pets behaviour , appetite, exercise habits,

- an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have regarding your pets health and care

- set a benchmark of your pets’ health, then should something arise we know how the pet was on the last visit giving us an idea of what may have changed

Vaccinations - We recommend vaccinations for both your canine and cat family members. Please come in and discuss your pets vaccination requirements with our veterinarians. We recommend three year rabies. Bordetella is required if you are going to board your pet or use groomer services. Highly recommended if your dog is going to mix with other dogs in public.


Microchipping – A microchip is an invaluable way to increase the odds of getting your pet returned to you should you be separated. It is the first thing an animal shelter or clinic will do when presented with a ‘found’ animal. A microchip is tiny, is inserted under the skin in the upper neck area.


Exotic and Pocket Animals – We welcome your exotic and pocket pets however we do not provide veterinary care for reptiles or amphibians.


Behavior and Nutrition – We can advise you on issues you may have with your family pet. We have referrals to people who can help you. We offer nutrition guidance as well, we also offer veterinary specialty food.

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